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With Winter ’16 introducing us to the Enhanced Notes and making it GA, it certainly is yet another one of the perks that you have in Lightning Experience.While we have already mentioned in our previous post on how migration to Lightning is a supercharger to your overall business productivity, the Enhanced Notes is like a booster pack, which makes your everyday functions easier.In this post, we are going to talk about what makes Enhanced Notes unique, its data model, its features and migration of your old Classic notes to the Enhanced Notes.

Enhanced Notes is an enhanced version of the Classic Notes that have been in use for such a long time.Below are some of the power-packed features that come with it:

  • Highlighting the main content through Text Formatting tools like Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, bullet lists etc.
  • Capability to add images and pictures in the Note body
  • Ability to share Notes with people and groups
  • Adding Note to multiple records
  • Version history
  • Works flawlessly on LEX and Salesforce Mobile app
Adding Notes to a Sample Opportunity

Below is the data model of Enhanced Notes:

Enhanced Notes Data Model

You have three main objects in it:

  • ContentNote: This is the object where the whole content of your Note lies.The content is base64 encoded by default.So, if you wish to read the full content, you need to decode it first.The FileType is SNOTE for notes.For more information, you can visit here
  • ContentVersion: This object stores the versions of each Note.Any time, you modify or edit the content, this is where the DML occurs.The important thing here is that the record here only contains preview of the body of Note.If you wish to get full body content, you need to get it from Content Note.
  • ContentDocumentLink: This object associates the ContentNote with the standard or custom object record.

For any automation around Notes ( say for example sending mails to Sales Teams of different geography pertaining to their Accounts/Opportunities ) it is possible through Triggers.You do have the capability write Triggers on ContentDocumentLink and ContentVersion.

Let us talk about the migration of your Classic notes to the Enhanced notes.Thinking it would be such a big task? Well not to worry to be honest.You have Magic Mover on the AppExchange to help you with this.This app not only targets your Classic notes but also helps you convert Salesforce Attachments to Files.

Make your move to Enhanced Notes in your Salesforce org and increase productivity of your teams.

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